European Stroke Organisation Conference
May 4-6, 2022

The 8th European Stroke Organisation Conference continued into the second day on Thursday, May 5. Seven large clinical studies and trials were presented at the Presidential Symposium Awards & Large Clinical Studies & Trials session. For those who missed out, here is a summary of take-home learning points.

ESOC 2022, Centre de Congrès de Lyon, May 5, 2022
ESOC 2022, Centre de Congrès de Lyon, May 5, 2022

INTERSTROKE: Influenza vaccination may confer a relevant potential to lower stroke risk (both ischemic and hemorrhagic).

PM 2.5 and ICH: There is an association between air pollution and hospitalization for hemorrhagic stroke in a large observational study in Thailand.

GIGASTROKE: Cross ancestry association studies on >200,000 stroke patients identify and confirm a large number of new stroke risk foci, informing genomics-driven drug discovery and risk prediction.

Health and retirement study: Stroke survivors are epigenetically older than those who have not had a stroke, and acceleration of epigenetic age is associated with higher risk of stroke.

TICH-NOAC: In patients with NOAC-associated ICH, there was no evidence that tranexamic acid (1g bolus then 1g infusion) prevents hematoma expansion. Safety aspects require further analysis.

Cardiovascular Health Study database by CASCO: There is an independent dose response association between plasma IL-6 levels and carotid plaque severity, vulnerability, and progression, calling for trials of anti-IL6 drugs to prevent stroke due to carotid atherosclerosis.

Stroke in the young: Young stroke patients are at increased risk of developing a new cancer compared to peers from the general population.