Burton J. Tabaac, MD

Join the fight against stroke!

In 2015, the World Stroke Campaign focused on raising awareness of stroke prevention and risk among women using the tagline “I am Woman – Stroke Affects Me, Stroke Affects Everyone.” In 2016, World Stroke Day was marked by recognizing that although stroke is a complex medical issue, there are ways to significantly reduce its impact. The World Stroke Organization built a campaign to underscore that “Stroke is Treatable.” The World Stroke Day 2017 campaign focused on risk awareness and prevention. Last year, World Stroke Day 2018 emphasized that there are resources and a network to assist those who have suffered from stroke, underscoring that you are not in it alone. #UpAgainAfterStroke was used as a rallying cry to inform the public about the well-developed network for caregivers, families, and friends affected by stroke who can help their loved ones.

This year, 2019, calls attention to prevention.

A stroke diagnosis is a common and preventable path. With brain attacks affecting 1 in 4, simply do the math.

Let’s come together for World Stroke Day 2019; to educate, learn, and create a prevention team.

This is a focus on vascular health, to advocate for the people for whom we care. By recognizing the signs, we can act quickly, make a difference, and improve how they fare.

“BE FAST”! Balance Eyes Face Arm Speech & Time. Know what to do, call 911 if you see a stroke symptom or sign.

With doctors working with nurses, patient advocates, family and friends, this campaign is driven to diminish disability and bring stroke mortality to an end.

Encourage medication adherence, a healthy diet, and exercise. Don’t smoke, control BP, and follow up with your docs because they are wise.

For this upcoming season, it’s crucial to both be healthy and have fun. Take care of yourself and your loved ones; just #DontBeTheOne.