European Stroke Organisation Conference
May 22–24, 2019

Andrea Morotti, MD

This interesting session dedicated to intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) started with a pragmatic talk on rare causes of intracranial bleeding, discussing the diagnostic accuracy of neuroimaging in the acute phase, by Floris Schreuder.

Christian Weimar presented the main strengths and limitations of currently available tools to stratify ICH prognosis.

The pathophysiology and management of perihematomal edema was illustrated by Kevin Sheth, with a focus on edema measurement with advanced neuroimaging.

Johanna Pennlert summarized the currently available evidence on long term prognosis of ICH, with interesting data on antithrombotic treatment resumption in ICH survivors.

Finally, David Werring provided a comprehensive update on the clinical significance of imaging markers of cerebral small vessel disease, with thorough discussion of possible implications for long-term treatment with antithrombotic drugs and statins.