Blogging Stroke shares information about new Stroke articles published online with potential readers more quickly. The blog posts are written by a group of stroke fellows from various programs throughout the country. We expect that there will be a new blog every weekday. In each post, the blogger will summarize the major findings of the article and place them in context, highlighting controversies and new research questions that arise from each study. The blog will be interactive, because readers will be able to comment, and we look forward to a productive online exchange of ideas among colleagues, fostering the growth of an online community of people interested in cerebrovascular disease that, we expect, will help clinicians take care of patients and researchers think of new projects.
Bloggers will also write tweets for those who follow Stroke on Twitter, alerting them of new blog posts and journal articles. By focusing on Stroke articles that publish ahead of print, the blog will alert readers of papers as soon as they become available. We hope that readers and authors will appreciate this feature of the journal.
The Vascular Neurology Fellows who blog on Blogging Stroke were nominated by their program directors and were selected by the blog editors based on a writing sample. Stroke fellows are an enthusiastic and technology-savvy segment of the stroke community, and in the future, we expect to receive more applications from potential bloggers. We expect that by embracing social media, Stroke will engage, in addition to current readers, medical students, residents, and fellows interested in cerebrovascular disease; in other words, the future leaders of the field of stroke. By doing so, Stroke will remain the leading journal in the field of the vascular neurology.

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